Putin, Catholicism

I was rather disturbed by R. R. ­Reno’s column “Global Culture Wars” (April). I understand that First Things is a monthly, and perhaps he would have written this article a little differently in light of Russia’s invasion of Crimea. (At least, I hope so.)

Reno mentions points about Vladimir Putin that are certainly ­being touted elsewhere: “He pledged to ­defend ‘family values’ and reject moral relativism” and so on. This may be so, but I think the invasion of Crimea—coincidentally (providentially?) a few days after the Ukrainian Catholic Church announced a new diocese in Crimea—and the subterfuge with which it was carried out, show that Putin supports “moral relativism” of a very developed sort in his foreign policy.

Not to mention the involvement of covert Russian agents on Kiev’s ­Independence Square last month, snipers killing protesters, including the unarmed Bohdan Solchanyk, a lecturer at the Ukrainian Catholic University.

I hope that Reno will take a good look at Russia’s activities and give some serious thought to his claim that Putin is “positioning Russia to lead an anti-Western coalition along moral as well as geopolitical lines.”

And, regardless of anything else, I’m sure you agree that Ukraine could use prayers now. Please say a prayer for Ukraine, and ask everyone you know to do the same.

Matthew Matuszak
chicago, illinois

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