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Laguerta: Harsh Words for the LCWR

From First Thoughts

In your other Labor Day On the Square , Sandra Laguerta takes the LCWR to task for their “confused ecclesiology” and “unsettling misunderstanding” of Catholic teaching: There is noting unsatisfying about the council documents’ description of the laity, religious, and . . . . Continue Reading »

It Isn’t Easy Being Jody

From First Thoughts

Russell E. Saltzman, a very brave man, offers a defense of Joseph Bottum in today’s On the Square : In a way, Bottum doesn’t go far enough for me. I think we should give up more than a sliver. The vestiges of Christendom and America’s Protestant establishment are languishing, and . . . . Continue Reading »

Droga Krzy?owa

From First Thoughts

In today’s On the Square , George Weigel discusses a modern innovation in the Stations of the Cross that is not only not terrible, but actually very moving: Outside the church, the priests and people of Pasierbiec have done something quite remarkable, however: they’ve recently . . . . Continue Reading »

Imagine There’s No Internet

From First Thoughts

One of our new junior fellows, J. David Nolan, considers the internet in his piece for today’s On the Square : My fear is that the unstructured nature of many online browsing patterns runs counter to any sort of discipline, spiritual or otherwise. The Internet exploits—delightfully and . . . . Continue Reading »