The Wood Duck

From the October 2013 Print Edition

One time I was driving very slowly with my oldest living brother Through an arboretum he loves, where there are ponds and foxes And owls and kingfishers, and all sorts of other holy amazements, And I asked him what was up with his wicked cancers, how much Pain was he in and what were his chances . . . . Continue Reading »

Confirmation Day

From the June/July 2013 Print Edition

The day I was granted the Sacrament of Confirmation and was admitted with full rights and privileges to the Church Eternal got off to a slow start, because the bishop was late. There had been a rain delay at the Mets game, but His Excellency couldn’t just leave the stadium, because the Mets . . . . Continue Reading »

The Flimflam Theater

From the Aug/Sept 2012 Print Edition

When I was a boy I had a friend named Dennis McCann Who was totally and utterly and maniacally in love with Surfing. He talked about nothing else and he said he did Nothing else on the weekends and he had ten surfboards Of various sizes in his garage, most of them scuffed and Worn and sandy and all . . . . Continue Reading »

The Cross

From the February 2012 Print Edition

Probably an olive or acacia, as far as scholars can determine. Of course there are scholars who have poked into the matter. The Roman Empire sensibly used the most accessible wood. Me personally I would bet on the acacia which grows bigger And broader and quicker than olive. You wonder if someone . . . . Continue Reading »


From the April 2011 Print Edition

I am soaking in Revelation, in the King James, just before dawn, The dog snoring in his chair, everyone in the house sick and abed. Perhaps this is a dangerous idea, reading Revelation before sunrise. Perhaps I should absorb Revelation with a seat belt and a whiskey. But there are cracks in the . . . . Continue Reading »