City of Google

From the January 2015 Print Edition

Cybertheology: Thinking Christianity in the Era of the Internet
by antonio spadaro
fordham, 160 pages, $24

The New Digital Age: Transforming Nations, Businesses, and Our Lives
by eric schmidt and jared cohen
random house, 368 pages, $15.95

To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism
by evgeny morozov
public affairs, 432 pages, $17.99
My wife and I recently decided to read some Joseph Ratzinger together. We were excited. We’d just downloaded a theology library that was searchable, interactive, beautiful, and could be used on all of our Apple devices. So we spent a good hour sitting side by side, scrolling through the many options, enthusing about all the things we could do when we decided which book to read. When we tapped the wrong tiles and slid our fingers in unintended directions, we found our way into still more amazing resources and cool capabilities. The possibilities were endless! Eventually we chose to reread Introduction to Christianity. We tapped out a plan to read the book in twelve weeks, tested to make sure everything was working, and then closed the apps, feeling both tired and restless, even a little fried. We never actually read anything. As of this writing, I’m days and days behind. Actually, I can know exactly how far behind, in days, pages, and percentiles, because the app features this really well-designed reading-progress graphic that you can just tap. Continue Reading »


From the October 2013 Print Edition

For man also knoweth not his time. (Ecclesiastes) the silver cord the broken lamp the overboard the firedamp the golden bowl the unbeknown the grassy knoll the chicken bone the shivered wheel the shattered jar the broken keel the cattle car the poor, the rich the swift, the slack the fool, the . . . . Continue Reading »


From the February 2011 Print Edition

players on a soccer team stars in Joseph’s second dream odd reversible and prime dimensions (counting space and time) pipers piping salt (Na) month day hour Veteran’s Day goat’s hair curtains ripped apart ounce-weight of the human heart twelve less Judas David’s men pearls and . . . . Continue Reading »


From the June/July 2007 Print Edition

For moments when they questioned me and I replied indifferently, or wished I’d practiced birth control, may God have mercy on my soul. For little mouths washed out with soap, for loss of patience, faith, and hope, for all the times I botched my role, may God have mercy on my soul. For bad . . . . Continue Reading »