Embryo, second edition

From First Thoughts

Three years ago, my friends Robert P. George and Christopher Tollefsen (both senior fellows at the Witherspoon Institute and familiar to FT readers) published a short and powerful book called  Embryo: A Defense of Human Life —a wonderful combination of scientific and philosophical . . . . Continue Reading »

What Are They Smoking at the Times?

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That’s what went through my mind when reading this op-ed by Matthew Avery Sutton, who is bylined as an associate professor of history at Washington State University, and author of Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America .  The essay is a bizarre train wreck . . . . Continue Reading »

It Depends How You Ask the Question

From First Thoughts

A couple of days ago at NRO , the estimable Michael Barone ruminated on the subject of same-sex marriage.  He casually professed himself in favor of this revolution in the institution of marriage—giving an extremely bad reason that suggests he has not thought a great deal about . . . . Continue Reading »

Liberty, Justice, and the Common Good

From First Thoughts

Readers of First Things and of this blog are no doubt familiar with Public Discourse , the online journal published by my employer, the Witherspoon Institute .  Today PD begins a two-week daily series under the title you see above.  As editor Ryan Anderson says, the series looks ahead to . . . . Continue Reading »

Alas, They’re Not Sociologists

From First Thoughts

The boss around here, R.R. Reno, has a very smart article On the Square this morning: ” Does the Tea Party Have a Religion Problem ?”  His criticism of Professors Campbell and Putnam, authors of a recent New York Times op-ed on the Tea Party , is spot on.  Except for . . . . Continue Reading »

Bishop Tanglefoot

From First Thoughts

I learned this morning from a friend of the pastoral letter recently issued by the Right Reverend Lawrence C. Provenzano, the bishop of the Episcopal Church’s Long Island diocese, to be read aloud at all services on Sunday, August 7.  The letter, an effort to adapt to the new law . . . . Continue Reading »

The Politics of the Family and the Lies Our Culture Tells

From Web Exclusives

Thank you for asking me to speak this evening in support of the Love and Fidelity Network and Grupo Solido. I so admire the young people who have poured their hearts into this work, which is so important to the future of our two countries, and to the health of truly human culture everywhere. I am, I fear, a poor spokesman for the cause to which we are devoted here. By training and experience I am a political scientist, studying laws and institutions, courts and legislatures, political theories and constitutional frameworks… . Continue Reading »