Nothing Lies

From the February 2012 Print Edition

An atom’s 99.9% nothing at all. The world’s an empty place. Its solid shapes are objects we invent to give a form to nuclei and space. But these constructions aren’t exactly fake” it hurts when, as a test, we kick a stone; electrons charge across the void and make illusions . . . . Continue Reading »

Sales Pitch

From the June/July 2011 Print Edition

He walked with me around the grounds, expecting me to give away” by how I sighed at this, or shrugged at that”what I might spend, today , to buy a proper burial plot in his North Derry cemetery. We ended up out in the field where all the new graves were arranged in cul-de-sacs and . . . . Continue Reading »

From the Aug/Sept 2010 Print Edition

This is a choice”it’s not atragedy” And we exist to help you get it done. Why make this harder than it has to be? Click through, review a wide variety Of products and advice. Please, have some fun! This is a choice and not a tragedy. Our pills? Organic, and they’re . . . . Continue Reading »

Olber’s Paradox

From the May 2004 Print Edition

The heavens hold more stars than earth has grains Of sand, and given time, each tiny sun Combined should make a world where starlight stains The sky bright white and dark would be undone. And yet the night remains. The dim stars gleam Their separate ways, and constellations drawn Connect their . . . . Continue Reading »