We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled examination of the material culture of religion following this random current-events roundup:

British Couple Charged in Religious Discussion.

“Is God Dead?” Author Indisputably Dead

Archaeologists Unearth Oldest Christian Church

Prayer Declares Independence; Incorporates As Own Religion

Muslim Punk; or, Young Evangelicals Not Only Ones Being Real

Archaeologists Have Busy Day, Also Discover Really Old Depiction of Menorah

Utah-Arizona Border Towns Offer Polygamy Tours, Breathtaking Red-Rock Scenery

The Lost Symbol; or, Keeping Up With the Masons

I&C News Brought to You By The “Levitating Word” Acrylic Lectern and The BFF Bible.

It’s a world out there, you know? I couldn’t possibly make it up . . .

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