Porcher-in-chief, Dr. Pat Deneen has a rather interesting post related to the soon-to-be “passed” Obamacare legislation, designed to empower the central government, and the corresponding rise of the constitutional concept of “states’ rights” beloved by anti-federalists of every stripe and the Madison/Jefferson idea of “nullification” greatly improved upon by that South Carolina firebrand, John C. Calhoun here: http://www.frontporchrepublic.com/2010/03/afoot/#comment-32035.

Also, we have this report: http://blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber/archives/10838 on the threatened lawsuits of thirty-seven states if the president’s “health care” legislation is passed.

How far this “states’ rights,” nullification, and tea party rising will go in their resistance to the central government remains to be seen. However, you’ve got to think that somewhere Bobby Lee and Jeff Davis are surely smiling.

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