College Crunch put together a list of twenty Christian professors that are “‘brilliant’ in the original sense of the word—they shine brightly among their peers as towering figures in the academic world. In addition, they are all Christians who do not hide their Christianity and see it as significantly impacting their intellectual work.”

  • Peter Berger (Boston University)

  • Ben Carson (John Hopkins University)

  • Simon Conway Morris (Cambridge)

  • Louise Cowan (University of Dallas)

  • William Lane Craig (Biola University)

  • Robert P George (Princeton)

  • Donald Knuth (Stanford)

  • Robert Jackson Marks II (Baylor University)

  • Michael McConnell (Stanford)

  • Alister McGrath (King’s College)

  • Albert Mohler (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

  • Martin Andreas Nowak (Harvard)

  • Alvin Plantinga (University of Notre Dame)

  • John Polkinghorne (Cambridge)

  • Marilynne Robinson (University of Iowa)

  • Henry “Fritz” Schaefer III (University of Georgia

  • Charles Taylor (McGill University, Canada)

  • John Suppe (Princeton)

  • James Tour (Rice University)

  • N.T. Wright (McGill and Oxford

I think this is a surprisingly good list, though of course I would: it appears to have been written by an evangelical, and one from the Reformed/Calvinist wing of the movement. But with thousands of brilliant Christian professors to choose from, its obviously not adequately representative of academia.

Who would you add (or remove) from the list?

(Via: Evangel )

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