A new international study of healing prayer published in the Southern Medical Journa l suggests that prayer for another person’s healing can be effective if the one praying is physically near the person being prayed for:

Subjects exhibited improved hearing and vision that was statistically significant after [proximal intercessory prayer] was administered. Two subjects with impaired hearing reduced the threshold at which they could detect sound by 50 decibels. Three subjects had their tested vision improve from 20/400 or worse to 20/80 or better. These improvements are much larger than those typically found in suggestion and hypnosis studies.

Brown recounted that one subject, an elderly Mozambican woman named Maryam, initially reported that she could not see a person’s hand, with two upraised fingers, from a distance of one foot. A healing practitioner put her hand on Maryam’s eyes, hugged her and prayed for less than a minute; then the person held five fingers in front of Maryam, who was able to count them and even read the 20/125 line on a vision chart.

(Via: @Ariella09 on Twitter)

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