After being in the city for a week now, I’m astonished by how many times I’ve been accosted by representatives of Planned Parenthood. Often directly in front of a Catholic church, these young, cheery volunteers blithely ask, “Would you like to hear from Planned Parenthood today?” Is it invincible ignorance of Sanger’s views and Planned Parenthood’s history that prompts people of a racial minority to smile and promote it? And to someone wearing a religious habit as he approaches the steps of a church, no less?

Yesterday, Kathryn Jean Lopez  highlighted another instance of this mind-boggling irony:

Directed by brave young Lila Rose, one of the latest investigative videos shows a woman in Planned Parenthood’s flagship clinic in Manhattan explaining that she has been married for seven years, has a daughter, and now wants a son. Just as Live Action has encountered before, a Planned Parenthood worker doesn’t flinch in the facilitation of a sex-selective abortion.

Lopez goes on to reveal that Obama, smart as he supposedly is, remains blind to his own inconsistencies.
Did someone say something about a war on women? Live Action just exposed one. Did someone say something about “equal rights”? President Obama has been heralded as a great defender of women’s rights, and his disingenuous Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act has been applauded as a seminal victory for liberal feminist demands. However, Obama opposed the legislation to prohibit sex-selective abortion.

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