On the Square Today

James R. Rodgers on interpretations of Matthew 25.31-46 : Matthew 25.31-46 exemplifies the divine inversion. Inverting worldly expectations, the king explains to those gathered before his throne that . . . . Continue Reading »

The Subtle Hack

Ryan Lizza’s long New Yorker profile of Paul Ryan is a masterpiece of subtle liberal partisanship.  My favorite part is Lizza’s treatment of Ryan’s proposal for premium support . . . . Continue Reading »

Back in Town

So here’s a brief report on my brief vacation. Thanks to those of you who wrote me concerned about my health or sanity or very existence, because I had virtually disappeared. In response to the . . . . Continue Reading »


Fans of the hit TV show LOST speculated after the first couple of seasons that it was secretly a presentation of Purgatory.  The buzz over this thesis grew to such large proportions that the . . . . Continue Reading »