So, the American Political Science Association annual meeting this year is in the Big Easy. Peter Lawler and I have a panel on the 2010 TRUE GRIT movie, 8am Saturday for those of you who will be there. Peter’s paper is called “Stoicism and the South,” or something along those lines. Also scheduled to arrive, perhaps even in New Orleans, but somewhere along the Gulf Coast sometime midnight-Tuesday or Wednesday-morning, is Isaac, who will be conducting what promises to be a fascinating open-air round table on “100 mph Winds in the South.” Yes, some have said that in these sorts of sessions Isaac has a tendency to drown others out, but I’m going nonetheless.

Well, pending further reports, I am presently planning to go. Not sponsored by a university this time, and living close enough (Virginia), my wife and I had planned to drive it, but now we learn that our path to get to our rental in NOLA Wednesday night pretty much takes us directly across the most likely path predicted for Isaac. I’ve got about three different scenarios for how to get around this:

1) Get to Baton Rouge area ahead of storm, i.e., by late afternoon Tuesday. Wait and see what develops, before going into NOLA Wed. Drawback: I sure won’t be the only one looking for a Baton Rogue hotel room.

2) Forget the possibility of Wednesday night. Aim instead for late late Thursday night, taking the road along the gulf after the storm has passed way inland. Drawback: this could head us shaving by the storm on its stronger eastern front if it curls eastwards.

3) Forget Thursday night, too. Get up early next morning in N. Alabama, and follow the plan for 2. Arrive Friday around 10am. Drawback: $.

And of course, if NOLA takes a direct hit, all bets are off, and APSA will probably cancel anyhow. They’ve already cancelled the minimal Wednesday events.

Now as for y’all plannin’ to FLY to New Orleans . . .

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