Biden more confident but excessively rude. He finally got control of his randomly smirking face very late in the game.

Ryan really wasn’t bad but lacked authority, especially on foreign policy. He did have a mastery of many details about Afghanistan, but there’s no denying that Biden was telling people what they wanted here about turning the war over to Afghan security forces.

Biden blew his confidence advantage—which made his substance seemed more substantial—through his un-vice-presidential style. Some say he was buffoonish. That’s an exaggeration, but he was pretty strange.

You gotta love Ryan for his honest audacity on the Catholic issue. And he was pretty good on judicial restraint. But he didn’t have the authority to drive home the religious freedom issue.

Overall effect: Both bases energized a bit. Biden seems to have made Democrats proud of their ticket again. So Joe, at least, contributed to stopping bleeding that was probably already stopped.

The CNBC poll gave Ryan a 20% victory. The CNN poll was only a 4% difference in Ryan’s favor. Each side thought its guy won—very unlike the presidential debate.

Big disappointment: Ryan no longer seems to add anything to the ticket. Those who recommended the dumping of Romney in favor of Ryan were way wrong.

Well, maybe he does add one thing: Despite his allegedly unpopular views on “women’s health,” women rated Ryan highly.

The same goes for those who wanted to dump Biden. After all, he does have a certain charm and performed better than his boss.

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