Timothy Winter, a Muslim scholar who serves as director of studies at Wolfson College Cambridge, has drawn criticism after videos surfaced in which he criticizes homosexual acts.

“You don’t even understand what your bodies are for,” Winter says. “How ignorant can you get? Even the animals know. It’s the ultimate inversion, an abuse of the body.”

“The fact that somebody is born with a tendency is no moral argument for actualizing that tendency,” Winter says.

“Arson, for instance . . . is attributed by many modern scientists to a certain genetic configuration . . . . that’s no argument for legalising what they do. So the claim that a human being is born with this particular tendency and so should be legalized is neither here nor there . . . . It is no argument.”

Cambridge’s LGBT group has issued a statement suggesting that these remarks may be “incompatible with [Winters’] current role in the college, especially if it has a pastoral nature.”

Winter told the London Evening Standard : “I have explained to the students that the YouTube clip they understandably objected to was at least 15 years old, and represented views I no longer hold.”

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