A Homiletic Typo

From  Town & Village , a neighborhood newspaper here, in a story about the New York Theatre Ballet: The company, which has reparatory seasons and revivals of long-lost chamber masterpieces, . . . . Continue Reading »


I have been reading and hearing about Ted Cruz all day.  You don’t have a second act without a first and he certainly has put on a heck of a first act.  Touring about, I’ll . . . . Continue Reading »

Gabriela Mistral

In  Tu Belleza, Tu Misericordia , Maureen Mullarkey writes of the first Latin American winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, Gabriela Mistral. For readers interested in Mistral, there is . . . . Continue Reading »

Travels with Weigel

In today’s On the Square , George Weigel is still making the rounds in Eastern Europe. He considers a memorial to the fallen in Lithuania, the Hill of Crosses, and the greater battle for . . . . Continue Reading »