Abercrombie Settles Headscarf Litigation

An update on the  California headscarf litigation  I discussed earlier this month. Abercrombie & Fitch has settled the lawsuit and agreed to allow Muslim employees to wear headscarves while on the job. A federal district court in California recently ruled that A&F’s refusal . . . . Continue Reading »

Pope Francis’ New Balance

Commentators speak of Pope Francis as “pastoral,” and some juxtapose his approach to the previous two pontificates. I find this unpersuasive because it is too vague. To my mind a key difference between John Paul II and Benedict on the one hand and Francis on the other is their attitudes . . . . Continue Reading »


I can’t help but notice it here, notice it there, notice it everywhere.  A few days ago, I read Steve Hayward, on Powerline , asking, ” So When Can We Expect Obama’s Malaise Speech? “  This does feel familiar, a sense of dread, a hopelessness.  Well, in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Mark Noll’s Elephants

The Pentecostal theologian Dale Coulter continues his analysis of the intellectual, and anti-intellectual, heritage of American Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism, described in Mark Noll Got It Wrong, Maybe . He is not happy with Mark Noll’s take on these things, which he argues wrongly . . . . Continue Reading »