In the runup to the Catholic Church’s October meeting on marriage and family, the head of the Italian bishops’ conference has found himself sufficiently filled with the Paschal spirit to resurrect an old dichotomy

“I don’t identify with the expressionless person who stands outside the abortion clinic reciting their rosary, but with young people, who are still against this practice, but are instead fighting for quality of life, their health, their right to work,” said Bishop Nunzio Galantino, age sixty-five.

So being pro-life is counter to being young and joyful?

I guess that means the bishop didn’t attend the March for Life in Washington D.C.:

The Federalist

Or the Forty Days for Life in London:

Forty Days for Life

Or the Forty Days for Life in Cincinnati, OH:

Forty Days for Life

Or the Walk for Life West Coast:

Or the 2013 rally outside the Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix, AZ:


Or the 25,000-strong 2013 vigil against abortion liberalization in Ireland:

Or the 2013 Italian March for Life:

Rome Reports

Where Pope Francis made a guest appearance:

Life Site News

Does the good bishop know any young people? If he did, he might not think that health is at odds with life, the right to work with the right to be born. Oh, and by the way: There are lots of people who are older and  less fashionable who protest abortion.


Exactly what is wrong with that?

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