Know Nothings and the Republican Coalition

The nativist Know Nothing movement—officially known as the Order of the Star Spangled Banner, and as the American Party when it entered formally into electoral politics—flashed across American public life in the mid-1850s. It heralded the demise of the Whig Party, and the Second Party System . . . . Continue Reading »

The Nomination Debate

A week ago, the White House confirmed President Obama’s intentions to “fulfill his constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor to Justice Scalia.” The President echoed those words a day later, promising to provide the Senate with an “indisputably qualified” nominee. For their . . . . Continue Reading »

What We've Been Reading—2.26.16

Not enough has been said about how Pope Francis—a man of strong intuitions and vivid language—lives in and has been formed by literature. He regularly cites and recommends imaginative works like José Hernández’s Martín Fierro, Robert Hugh Benson’s Lord of the World, and Alessandro Manzoni’s The Betrothed. And he thinks by their patterns. Whereas Benedict strove for a concise, clear scholarly expression, Francis seeks the striking images and strong characterizations of the storyteller. Over here are the good guys, over there the bad. Continue Reading »

First Links — 2.26.16

My Friend, the Former Muslim Extremist
Nicholas Kristof, New York Times

If You Don't Honor Chastity...
Eve Tushnet, Patheos

Francis, Contraception, and the Zika Virus
Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, Catholic Thing

Heroic Failure and the British
Bernard Porter, Guardian

Escaping the Amish for a Connected World
Olga Khazan, Atlantic

Christ Tears Off Our Scales: Aslan, Eustace, and the Pain of Confession
Fr. David Poecking, Ethika Politica

Harper Lee: Last of the Literary Recluses
Julia Dent, Acculturated

The Desert Fathers
Mallory Ortberg, Toast

Upcoming Events—2.25.16

From the Art of the Beautiful lecture series, to summer seminars organized by the Elm Institute, we've got you covered for events coming up in NYC and beyond.

First Links — 2.19.16

What Donald Trump and Pope Francis Actually Have in Common
Matthew Schmitz, Washington Post

Lent for Overachievers
Leah Libresco, Aleteia

What Conservative Gay Christians Want
Dan Hitchens, Spectator

Marx vs. Faith on ‘The Americans'
Matthew Schmitz, Acculturated

Finding Jesus at Work
Emma Green, Atlantic

Miss Marple and the Problem of Modern Identity
Alan Jacobs, New Atlantis

Is a Surrogate a Mother?
Michelle Goldberg, Slate

A Social Conservative Case Against Trump
Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Fewer Asians Need Apply: Discrimination in College Admissions
Dennis Saffran, City Jounral