Pope Francis, Yves Congar, & True Reform

Austen Ivereigh describes Pope Francis' various reforms in light of the work of Dominican theologian Yves Congar and his influence on the Holy Father's thought. According to Ivereigh, Congar had a decisive impact on Pope Francis, specifically in his views on church reform as delineated in his 1950 . . . . Continue Reading »

Slighting Syria's Christians

Take a look at the photo below, which appeared recently on Instagram. It’s the photo of a page from the New Testament — Acts 25, which recounts St. Paul’s trial before Festus. The page, seared into a bookshelf, is all that remains of the Bible that once contained it. ISIS recently burned . . . . Continue Reading »

Conference on Dignitatis Humanae

For those who are interested, the Notre Dame Law Review is hosting a symposium later this week on the 50th anniversary of Dignitatis Humanae, Vatican II's declaration on religious liberty:The Symposium will begin with an address from Bishop Daniel E. Flores on Thursday, November 5. Bishop Flores . . . . Continue Reading »

Peggy Noonan's Worry

Peggy Noonan’s new book, The Time of Our Lives: Collected Writings, is a volume bound to draw readers who are interested American politics and media. She is one of the most devotedly-followed columnists in the country, and this collection contains 83 of her commentaries going back to 1981. . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 10.30.15

In the Absence of a Shepherd
Eliot Milco, Paraphasic

Diversity in the Christian University
Elizabeth Corey, Public Discourse

Both/And Philanthropy
Leah Libresco, Fare Forward

Why Self-Driving Cars Must be Programmed to Kill
Staff, MIT Technology Review

Is God a Monster? No and Yes
Daniel Otto Jack Petersen, Theophilus Theologue

The Struggle of Memory Against Forgetting
Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Rethinking Birthdays
Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing

Upcoming Events—10.30.15

New York: The Art of the Beautiful Lecture Series: “Art, the Beautiful, and the True Good in Dante's Purgatorio” November 7, 7:30 pm Now in its third year, this lecture series is being held at the Catholic Center at New York University. Lectures will be followed by a reception and sung . . . . Continue Reading »

The Parenting Problems of Age Segregation

It has been more than a half-century since James Coleman and his team surveyed students in ten high schools to determine their values and interests and attitudes toward learning. The conclusion was that a new social formation was upon us: the adolescent society. That was the title of the book . . . . Continue Reading »