Upcoming Events—1.28.16

From the Art of the Beautiful lecture series, to summer seminars organized by the Elm Institute, we've got you covered for events coming up in NYC and beyond.

Just One Hello from my Neighbor

I want to tell you a story. Part of it is my story. But the important part isn’t mine. It belongs to a North African woman named Fatima. And to countless others like her.I first met Fatima at Dollar Tree. It was her bright clothing that caught my eye. A colorful piece of cloth called a malhafa was . . . . Continue Reading »

Social Justice According to Michael Novak

First Things and Encounter Books are excited to be hosting an upcoming event with Michael Novak and Paul Adams, at which they will be discussing ideas from their new book Social Justice Isn't What You Think It Is. This is not the first time Mr. Novak has addressed the topic of social justice at . . . . Continue Reading »

The Jordanian Woman

First Things is pleased to announce the opening of ‘The Jordanian Woman (Die Frau ohne Schatten)’, an exhibition of paintings by Jörg Madlener. A private student of Otto Dix, Jörg Madlener has remained faithful throughout his long career to his original fascination for the human face. His latest series, ‘The Jordanian Woman (Die Frau ohne Schatten)’ is the fruit of the artist’s years in the Middle-East, an experience which led him to touch the human drama behind the political conflicts.
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“A republic . . . if you can keep it”

Today, January 22, 2016, the 43rd anniversary of the monstrous decision of the Supreme Court to deprive an entire class of human beings—those hidden in their mothers' wombs waiting to be born—of the most basic human right, we recall that the Supreme Court did this once before in our history. Men . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 1.22.16

Conservatives Against Trump
NR Symposium, National Review

Defenders of the Unborn
Kristin Dombak, New York Times

A Truly Liberal Society Would Tolerate the Anglican Church’s Views on Sexuality
James Mumford, Spectator

Is Loyola University Losing Its Catholic Identity?
Christopher Kaczor, Catholic World Report

Is The Monomyth A Myth?
Jonathan McDonald, Dappled Things

Human Rights Law and the Erosion of Politics
Noel Malcolm, New Criterion

I March for Life Because I’m Haunted by Jessica Jones
Jason Scott Jones, Stream

How I Defeated the Tolkein Estate
Austin Gilkeson, Toast

The Wizard's Boy

Another great thing about being an altar boy was getting to the church early, before everyone except the ostentatiously devotional railbirds who actually competed to see who could be there first kneeling at the rail fingering their rosaries and pretending to be lost in meditative reverence but . . . . Continue Reading »