Reading the Church Fathers

Here’s a very helpful introduction to reading the Fathers from Dr. J. Ligon Duncan III, delivered this past week at Together for the Gospel:For more from Duncan, see the interview Patristics for Busy Pastors, where he answers questions like:Why should a busy pastor invest time in reading the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Mormon Menace

A neighbor at First Thoughts  has found occasion (someone was listening to Glenn Beck . . . ) to issue yet another warning to any who might consider communing as Christians with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Fair enough.  Since we Mormons (you may as . . . . Continue Reading »

Libertarians Against Nudging

Yes, Virginia. Will Wilkinson does the world a service and gives Glen Whitman plenty of space to air his deep concerns with nudgetarianism. At a recent panel discussing prospects for libertarian/liberal relations, I asked whether the real trouble, as opposed to liberaltarianism, wasn’t . . . . Continue Reading »

The Giant Vampire Squid and Leviathan

Goldman Sachs, colloquially known as the Giant Vampire Squid, may meet the fate that our sages of antiquity predicted for the sea-monster Leviathan:Raba said in the name of R. Yochanan: The Holy One will make a feast for the righteous out of the flesh of Leviathan, and what is left will be . . . . Continue Reading »

The Rustic Belt

I’m up at Bloggingheads talking American “rustics” with Jim Pinkerton — folks I sometimes refer to, in a spirit akin to Hunter Thompson’s, as “rubes.” One big question is whether Mead’s much-discussed foursquare categorization of Americans — . . . . Continue Reading »