Father Schall on Hating the Church

From Fr. James Schall, one of the good Jesuits: Hatred of the Church? A sample: If Benedict XVI has brought anything to the fore in Catholic theology, it is the nature and necessity of “judgment” of the acts we put into the world. This judgment is what Spe Salvi , among other things, is . . . . Continue Reading »

How Property is Like Marriage

Doug Wilson argues that without property rights there are no human rights: As Christians talk about governmental thieveries, the discussion of these issues in America has an additional layer, and that layer, just like all the others, is unfriendly to tyrants. I want to argue that property is a . . . . Continue Reading »

Why All the Fuss?

John Podhoretz excoriated me for a characterization of Barack Obama that has earned wide if not universal acceptance among conservatives. Surely he protests too much. John is a very good journalist; if he had read my essays rather than react to a one-line reference to them in a blog post, I am . . . . Continue Reading »

Immortality and resurrection

This was published in the 12 April issue of the Canadian periodical Christian Courier:In our society it is not difficult for people to believe in the immortality of the human soul. Even where Christian faith is not necessarily robust, public opinion polls persistently show a majority of North . . . . Continue Reading »

Jesus for Sale

M. Craig Barnes is among my favorite writer-pastors. A mainliner (PCUSA) and so not as well-known, perhaps, as John Piper or Tim Keller or Mark Driscoll among evangelicals, Barnes, former senior pastor of the National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., and currently same at Shadyside . . . . Continue Reading »

The Objectification of Jennifer Knapp

When I heard that Jennifer Knapp came out as a lesbian yesterday, I shuddered.But not for why you think.No.  I shuddered because the news meant another round of conversations about evangelicals and homosexuality.  And that is a conversation which is fraught with danger.There will be the . . . . Continue Reading »

Weighing In

I’ve liked John Podhoretz ever since, years ago, he called to introduce himself and ask me to write something for him—on Thomas Mann’s novels, as it happens. I very gratefully learned, as much as I was able, to write literary reviews by churning them out for him while he was at the . . . . Continue Reading »