Imagine the Loss of the Christian Holy Places

On Easter Sunday, I was able to sit in prayer for a while at the Shrine run by sweet Italian nuns on top of the Mountain of the Beatitudes, the most famous of Sermons. It was infinitely peaceful, and I needed it. Later it hit me: What if the mad leader of Iran fulfilled his pledge to wipe Israel . . . . Continue Reading »

Terrorists, Terrorism, and the Truth

Today marks the fifteen year anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing and I emailed an old friend, Jayna Davis, whose book,  The Third Terrorist is by far the most accurate record of that horrific event. I reviewed her book for an old website some years ago . The review is here . . . . . Continue Reading »

Being Taught

From the end of a New Yorker tidbit about the Catholic scandals : “Our largely democratic, secularist, liberal, pluralist modern world, against which the Church has so often set its face, turns out to be its best teacher.” A friend writes to say: A trifle 9/10 in tone, isn’t it? . . . . Continue Reading »

Leviathan Eats the Giant Vampire Squid

Bloomberg News just reported that the SEC voted 3-2 to sue Goldman Sachs for fraud:April 19 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission split 3-2 along party lines to approve an enforcement case against Goldman Sachs Group Inc., according to two people with knowledge of the . . . . Continue Reading »

Guilt and guilt feelings

No, they’re not the same thing. Nevertheless, a few years ago I was present at an academic conversation whose topic was apparently guilt, but as the discussion progressed it became obvious that the real topic was the feelings of guilt that often plague people for various reasons. It struck me then . . . . Continue Reading »

Louts in Parks

Last Friday, the Philadelphia Daily News reported that a  Boorish fan intentionally vomits on cop’s kid at a Phillies game. It’s one of those stories that even now leave you shaking your head. First a group of louts abused the family in front of them, then one spat on one of the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Most Religious Place on Earth

Where is the most religious place on earth? Researchers say they’ve found the most religious place on Earth — between the southern border of the Sahara Desert and the tip of South Africa. Religion is “very important” to more than three-quarters of the population in 17 of 19 . . . . Continue Reading »