God and Human Rights in Utah

If they can be found anywhere, it’s certainly in Provo. Our own Ralph Hancock, in conjunction with the brand new John Adams Center , is hosting a conference entitled God and Human Rights: Are Faith or Foundations Necessary ? The conference will run events at both BYU and Utah Valley . . . . Continue Reading »

A Joyful Screech Unto the Lord

Some people believe sincerity the sole criterion. I’ve just had one of those fraught discussions of church music and you’re always at a disadvantage in trying to argue for some decorum in worship (e.g., people singing close to in tune) when someone responds that Miss Elma Mae Wombat . . . . Continue Reading »

Re: Not So Squishy

Yes, Joe , Anwar Al-Awlaki has committed treason, and treason is a crime punishable by death. As you note, the constitution is explicit in this regard. But in the chunk of Article 3, Section 3 that you cite, something else is also quite explicit: No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on . . . . Continue Reading »

Criminalizing Bullying

Last week, I worried a little , like a puppy with a bone too big for him, at the indictments that followed the horrifying Massachusetts suicide and bullying incident . That dismayed some of our readers, who pointed out—quite rightly—that there will real crimes committed before the . . . . Continue Reading »

Hitler and the Shroud

So fearing that Adolf Hitler would steal the Shroud of Turin, the purported burial cloth of Jesus, both “the Vatican and the Italian royal family, the Savoys, who were the guardians and owners of the shroud,” had it secretly transported south, to Campania, lest the little Fuhrer add it to . . . . Continue Reading »

Not So Squishy

Yesterday Ryan posted an excerpt from Kevin D. Williamson at NRO on the legitimacy of targeting American citizens because of their terrorist activities: Surely there has to be some operational constraint on the executive when it comes to the killing of U.S. citizens. It is not impossible to imagine . . . . Continue Reading »

Gelineau psalmody

Gelineau psalmody is better known in Roman Catholic than in protestant circles. Here is a description of this genre of psalm-singing from my Reformed Worship article, Straight from Scripture:One of the more interesting ways of singing the psalms was developed by Joseph Gelineau of France. Of all the . . . . Continue Reading »