Just the Mesofacts, Ma’am

Samuel Arbesman defines the area between facts that are permanent and those that change rapidly: When people think of knowledge, they generally think of two sorts of facts: facts that don’t change, like the height of Mount Everest or the capital of the United States, and facts that fluctuate . . . . Continue Reading »


So as a lead-in to the chapter-by-chapter reviews I’m going to do on the two books I recommended this weekend, let me ask you to consider something: what do we mean when we call something “pastoral”?For example, a lot of people are hot for teaching the word because they are . . . . Continue Reading »

Down Ticket in the 2010 Elections

A good sign that a party is headed for an electoral wipe-out? The absence of candidates down toward the bottom of the ticket, which leaves uncontested elections for minor offices. Comes now, however, the news from South Dakota that the Democrats have decided not to field a candidate to oppose John . . . . Continue Reading »

Michael Spencer Meets Jesus.

Tonight, we express our sorrow at the news that blog-neighbor Michael Spencer (the Internet Monk) has gone home to be with the Lord.Michael has been in the Christian blogging community for a long time, and it’s no lie to say that his voice and witness are irreplaceable.   He will be . . . . Continue Reading »

A Greater Man Than Ourselves

“Red Sox rally past Yankees 9-7 on Opening Night” read the very cheering headline on one of the sports magazines’ websites. It was cheering to see the team that has held onto its traditions, notably continuing to play in its  old-fashioned stadium and resisting the appeal of . . . . Continue Reading »