This announcement appears on the “wall” of The Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future facebook group:We are delighted to announce that, after many months of development, the Worshipedia.org site is now live! With thousands of resources and hundreds of contributors, plus new materials and . . . . Continue Reading »

Socialists Say Obama Isn’t a Socialist

CNN asked the Socialist Party USA if they think he’s a socialist : Obama’s opponents have long described him as a socialist. But what do actual socialists think about Obama? Not much, says Wharton. “He’s the president whose main goal is to protect the wealth of the richest 5 . . . . Continue Reading »

The “Unfairly Demonized” Church

A respondent on the English Catholic writer Damian Thompson’s Holy Smoke weblog quotes a useful passage from a recent book that defended Pope Benedict XVI from his detractors: Others have noted that we live in a time of hysteria about paedophilia, a mob psychology that calls to mind the Salem . . . . Continue Reading »

Newsweek Loves Kevorkian

The revisionist project to create a fictional Jack Kevorkian as merely a lovable, if sometimes tactless, man of compassion—rather the misanthropic and ghoulish nut that he really is—continues.  (See Kevorkian paintings I uploaded to accompany this post.  He sometimes used human . . . . Continue Reading »