Mystical Readings

Of interest to some of you: Biblical Exegesis as Mystical Experience in Judaism and Christianity , a conference being held at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh on April 22nd, as part of the theology department’s colloquium on the reception history of the Bible. I went to last year’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Wise Stewards

I liked Gayle Trotter’s post about her top ten parenting books so much I just had to make my own. Now in full disclosure I must tell you that I am not a parent, though I hope to be. In seeking wise instruction about what exactly parenthood is and how one’s attitude towards it should be . . . . Continue Reading »

Just Say No to Manned Missions to Mars

Joe: I think that a manned mission to Mars would be a colossal waste of the taxpayers’ money for very little scientific benefit. Anything that could be learned from a manned mission could be learned at far less cost by unmanned missions. The billions that it would cost to send men their would . . . . Continue Reading »

Stuck with Virtue in Our Pro-Life Future

The conference at Assumption on “Reintegrating Man” with the help of French Catholic thought was one of the best ever, particularly because I got to have the first and last words. Thanks to Glen Arbery and Dan Mahoney for a fine time. More later on the many things I learned there. One . . . . Continue Reading »

Abandoning the “Historical” Jesus

New Testament scholar Scot McKnight says the attempts to discover the “historical” Jesus have failed—and that it’s a good thing. In the 1980s, the central academic organization for biblical studies, the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), was energized in remarkable ways by . . . . Continue Reading »

Corpus Juris Vol. VIII

After a brief respite, I am back with the latest round up of the blawgosphere’s must-read posts and articles: From the “elections have consequences” file, Justice John Paul Stevens is retiring from the Supreme Court of the United States . And while Stevens’s successor . . . . Continue Reading »

The Byzantine musical scale song

Many people are unaware that our own musical scale has a Byzantine counterpart, as indicated below: Western (Solfège): Do re mi fa so la ti do Greek (Byzantine): ?? (pa), ??? (vou), ?? (gha), ?? (thee), ?? (ke), ?? (zo), ?? (knee), ?? (pa)For those interested in learning it so as to begin to . . . . Continue Reading »

Top Ten Parenting Books

My oldest child just turned thirteen. In honor of that occasion, here is my top ten list of parenting books. 1. The Bible If you could have only one book for parenting, you would want a Bible. To start, it is a great bedtime story book. The stories are vivid, dramatic, romantic, . . . . Continue Reading »