Tune In To "BioScience Views"

With the intrepid help of the Discovery Institute, I have just begun a new one minute radio commentary called BioScience Views, that is beginning to get around. We haven’t created a dedicated Web page for it yet, but if you hit this link, you can find them.Here are a couple of . . . . Continue Reading »

Should Infanticide be a Crime?

This terrible case of a girl giving birth and stabbing her baby to death raises a very important point. Some, like Princeton’s Peter Singer, believe that a newborn is not a person and so infanticide should not be a crime. A regular commenter here at Secondhand Smoke recently stated that there . . . . Continue Reading »

Belgium Descends to Infanticide

It took the Dutch about 20 years to get to the point from accepting euthanasia to countenancing infanticide. It has only taken the Belgians a few years to jump off the same vertical moral cliff. Not unexpectedly—and this isn’t the first such report—eugenic infanticide is now . . . . Continue Reading »

Insipid USA Today Interview of PETA Author

I wish I could say that I could not believe my eyes: Craig Wilson of USA Today interviewed PETA biggie Dan Matthews, and did not ask one substantial question. What about PETA’s refusal to condemn violence in the name of animal liberation? Not asked. Are Matthews and PETA at all concerned about . . . . Continue Reading »

Hospice Care May Extend Life

This study demonstrates an important point: Hospice care can extend life because, relieved of much suffering by proper care, patients can actually live longer than if they were not receiving such treatment. From the story: “This [the study’s results] should be reassuring to those faced . . . . Continue Reading »