The Joy of Blogging

One of the things that is most interesting about producing Secondhand Smoke is seeing which posts generate the most comments. Today, I posted an entry about the television program The 4400, that I thought would generate considerable interest. (I don’t measure the interest of people in any post . . . . Continue Reading »

A Potential Way Around the Egg Dearth

A dearth in human eggs and the potential harm to women’s health sometimes caused in obtaining them through current means, has both stymied human cloning research and moved biotechnology toward exploiting poor women for their eggs in their zeal to conduct human cloning research.This important . . . . Continue Reading »

Transhumanism TV: "The 4400"

The USA Network has a great science fiction series called The 4400, which could just as easily be named Transhumanism TV. The plot is about “the 4400,” people who were abducted by aliens or future human time travelers, and who are “returned” possessed of super-human . . . . Continue Reading »

Dr. Maureen Condic Gets Her Say

Nearly two months ago, I posted an entry about the science journal Nature Neuroscience’s unfair editorial attack on Dr. Maureen Condic because she dared to question embryonic stem cell research dogma that ES cells offer the best hope for treatments, in the religious journal First Things. . . . . Continue Reading »

Terrorist Bombing Scare

No, not the one in London: In Los Angeles, where animal rights terrorists claim to have planted a bomb under the car of a UCLA primate researcher. From the L.A. Times story:The FBI and the Los Angeles Fire Department are investigating an anonymous claim that animal rights extremists placed an . . . . Continue Reading »

Pushing for Assisted Suicide on Demand

The Hastings Center Report is probably the most prestigious bioethics journal in the world. Thus, when an opinion article appears in its pages, the ideas expressed are definitely in play among the bioethical elite. I bring this up because an article appeared in the May-June edition advocating . . . . Continue Reading »