Bush Stem Cell Statement

Here is the statement issued today by the White House about the passage of Senate Bills 5 (overturn Bush funding policy) and 30 (fund “alternative” approaches). Agree or disagree with the Bush policy, I think this point made by the President is absolutely true: My policy unleashed an . . . . Continue Reading »

Senate Stem Cell Votes

S. 5, the bill to overturn President Bush’s embryonic stem cell funding policy passed, one vote (if everyone had showed up) short of a veto override margin. It also does not have enough votes in the House for an override, so it is not going to be enacted—for now. Eventually, when the . . . . Continue Reading »

Leon Kass on What Makes Humans Special

Leon Kass’s piece in Commentary, about which I posted earlier, also contains some very good prose about a philosophical approach to human exceptionalism. He writes:It is indubitably clear, even to atheists, that we human beings have them [attributes of God in biblical religion such as . . . . Continue Reading »

Baby Emilio Gets MSM Coverage

I have long believed that futile care theory will be the next big political battle in bioethics. It is generally ignored by the media—which on one level is understandable because the media are news driven—but on the other hand is not understandable because it is like ignoring an army . . . . Continue Reading »