Human Cloning: Have Your Say

The Scientist is having an on-line discussion about human cloning. Below are the questions The Scientist poses:Is the nuclear transfer challenge one of understanding or technique? It would seem that the scientific community presumes successful stem cell cloning is a matter of resources and technical . . . . Continue Reading »

California "Elder Suicide Rates Sound Alarm"

Well, what do you know: Two reporters have connected a few dots about the assisted suicide issue. In this story, byline John Simerman and Cassandra Braun of the Contra Costa Times, note that while California is debating assisted suicide, we have a brewing elder suicide crisis on our hands. From the . . . . Continue Reading »

The Devil is in the Details

The Eureka Journal reported that the California Association of Physicians Groups supports the assisted suicide legalization bill A.B. 374. As I noted here at the time, that organization is a lobbying group representing the business and political interests of group physician practices, that is, it is . . . . Continue Reading »

Mendacious Feinstein/Hatch S. 812

I can disagree with people about political, social, and moral issues and still respect them. But when they resort to the kind of deceptions that permeate S. 812, the Feinstein/Hatch bill to legalize human cloning and pay women to procure eggs for use in research—which pretends to ban human . . . . Continue Reading »

Organ Hysteria

I think that the hue and cry against non heart beating cadaver donor protocols—what I have called “heart death”— is misguided. And it reflects a misconception about the concept of “brain death,” a popular term for death by neurological criteria—which does . . . . Continue Reading »

HMO Docs Support Assisted Suicide

This is one medical endorsement that I welcome for assisted suicide because it reflects an important truth about the whole movement: It is about money and “treating” the most expensive patients with a lethal overdose. Talk about cost containment!Lest you doubt it, the California . . . . Continue Reading »