David Prentice Rebuts Hit Piece in SCIENCE

Science did a very nasty and, in my view, politically motivated thing before the election: It printed a hit piece by William Neaves and others against David Prentice, essentially accusing him of lying to the public, without giving him a chance to respond. Finally, half a year later, they deigned to . . . . Continue Reading »

Pennyslvania Promotes Advance Directives

PA has a big push ongoing to promote advance health directives and, as part of that effort, has passed a law that creates a commission to determine who decides such matters for residents without their own directive. (I will keep a close eye on that.) Toward educating the public, the Pennsylvania . . . . Continue Reading »

"Anarchy in Cyberspace"

Now, here’s a story of how and why transhumanism isn’t going to cure what ails the human condition: Second Life, which I had not even heard of until a correspondent wrote asking to interview me about it a short time ago, allows players to lead virtual lives. Say, you are a lawyer and . . . . Continue Reading »