Steyn on Wilberforce

Mark Steyn does not generally write about matters of concern here at Secondhand Smoke, but today he focused on the legacy of William Wilberforce, the great British abolitionist. I truly believe in the power of committed individuals to improve the human condition. Wilberforce proved the point. . . . . Continue Reading »

UK Government Vows to Crush Slavery

We need to see more of this kind of anti-slavery action all around the world. From the story in the Telegraph: Last night, Mr Reid said: “In 1807 the slave trade was rightly abolished in this country. We now face a modern version of this despicable trade in the vile crime of human trafficking, . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Nader Wisdom

I have been reading The Seventeen Traditions, Ralph Nader’s autobiographical reflection on his parents, siblings, and upbringing. I know Ralph’s family pretty well. His sisters are as formidable as he is and his nieces and nephew are just as impressive, and so I find the read doubly . . . . Continue Reading »

"Christian" Eugenics

Dr. Albert Mohler, a national Christian leader, advocated in his blog a few weeks ago for what can only be described as the eugenic manipulation of fetuses—if and when it becomes possible—to prevent the babies from being homosexual. The blog entry is only now being reported in the . . . . Continue Reading »

Misplaced Suicide Priorities

Apparently there has been a backlash against advertising with “suicide” themes. From the Seattle Post Intelligencer story: Washington Mutual has stopped running a spot that showed actors playing bankers poised atop a building as if about to jump. These ads are clearly not pro-suicide, . . . . Continue Reading »