Take the Great Stem Cell Quiz

Take the stem cell quiz. Impress your friends! Embarrass those who think they are smarter than you! Readers of Secondhand Smoke will pass with flying colors. Readers of the MSM will have to go to stem cell remedial education classes. (One caveat: The test blurs the distinction between ESCR and SCNT . . . . Continue Reading »

Biotech/Bioethics Potpourri

Here are few stories I saw today that are worth noticing.1. Canadian scientists have cured mice with Type 1 diabetes using a substance that counteracted malfunctioning pain neurons in the pancreas. This is the second experiment in recent years that cured mice with juvenile diabetes, and both are . . . . Continue Reading »

The Ghoulish Truth About Jack Kevokian

The news reports about Jack Kevorkian’s “career” as an assisted suicide faclitator, what he would call an “obitiatrist,” are so sanitized or inaccurate that I had to respond. Here it is, at the Daily Standard. The media reports, beyond being inaccurate, overlook the . . . . Continue Reading »

Sometimes, Activism Works

Regarding the AP’s erroneous reporting of Jack Kevorkian assisting the “terminally ill,” in yesterday’s report about K’s pending parole. Stephen Drake of Not Dead Yet was on the case and seems to have gotten the AP to change the story.“I just peeked at your . . . . Continue Reading »