Terms Every "Intellectual" Should Know

George Dvorsky, the radical transhumanist—well, now there’s a redundant phrase—has come up with a long list of terms of which “intellectuals” should be aware. These include:”Cosmological Eschatology (aka physical eschatology): CE is the study of how the Universe . . . . Continue Reading »

China: The Consequence of Sex Selection

Thanks to China’s one child policy, mixed with what I consider to be a eugenics mindset that sees boys as more valuable than girls—certainly based in part on cultural issues and the perceived need of parents to be cared for in old age—there will soon be 30 million more men of . . . . Continue Reading »

Ashley’s Case: Getting Very Hot

The disability rights community is making things hot for the doctors who took out Ashley’s uterus, cut off her breast buds, and subjected her to two years of hormone injections to keep her small. Complaints are being filed, calls for investigations being made. From the AP . . . . Continue Reading »