Robert Schindler is Improving

Here is some very good news: Robert Schindler, the father of Terri Schiavo, is improving. Bobby Schindler told me via e-mail: “My father is in his first week of rehabilitation to help return the strength he lost on his right side. I am happy to say that in the short time he has been getting . . . . Continue Reading »

Should Smokers be Denied Surgery?

What an irony: On one hand, society is getting pretty libertarian. We are not to judge or shun each other for personal behavior. On the other hand, this injunction does not apply to smokers, who can be castigated from here to Timbuktu. Add in the growing utilitarian emphasis being promoted by . . . . Continue Reading »

"Zombie" Cloned Animals

This story out of the UK is of concern. Cloned animals are having, shall we say, troubles. No surprise there. Consequently, cloners are keeping some of them penned in and causing stress, leading to aggression, particlularly among cloned pigs. Their reported solution? Get rid of the stress and . . . . Continue Reading »

Radio Free Ashley

There has been tremendous interest in the media about Ashley and the decision by her parents to keep her small. Here is a radio interview I did today on The Eagle, KSSZ from Columbia, MO. The host is Derek . . . . Continue Reading »

Mark Pickup Has a Blog: Human Life Matters

My wonderful and dear friend, Mark Pickup, has started a blog called Human Life Matters. I met Mark circa 1996 when we both appeared at an anti-euthanasia conference sponsored by the Compassionate Healthcare Network in Vancouver. We hit it off immediately and became the best of friends. I dedicated . . . . Continue Reading »

UK Woman Not Dehydrated, Starved

A coroner’s inquest has determined that the elderly woman in the UK, whom some family members claimed was denied sustenance, died of natural causes. She was not provided a feeding tube, based on what seems to be very vague indications by the patient. Hence, it seems that the care of the . . . . Continue Reading »

Does Cloning Poison Everyone it Touches?

I mean this only half facetiously: Apparently there has been another cloning scandal, as reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education (no link available). An unpublished study had claimed to have obtain embryonic stem cells from cloned monkey embryos. Not so, apparently: “An investigation by . . . . Continue Reading »

The Making of an Activist

I am often asked how and why I became an activist on behalf of human exceptionalism. I sure never planned it! Nor, when I began this work, was I aware of the depth and scope of the issues in which I would one day engage. My path to posting this blog entry began with the suicide of my friend, . . . . Continue Reading »