Regarding Matthew Scully’s DOMINION

I received this request from a reader: “Dear Wes: I’m interested in your take on Dominion—a thoughtful book on the nature of our relationship with animals. I am reading it presently and find that he strikes a good balance so far- his view may be the elixir for those of us who . . . . Continue Reading »

Haleigh Poutre Update

The blood family of child abuse victim Haleigh Poutre wants justice for the near dehydration of Haleigh—who doctors said was in a PVS, but who can apparently now talk. There are complications about the family that I don’t want to get into, e.g., the mother lost her parental rights after . . . . Continue Reading »

Transhumanism on the Air

I was interviewed for an hour by Derek Gilbert yesterday on KSSZ about transhumanism, post humanity, and genetic enhancement of our progeny. We discuss transhumanism as religion, its obsession with control, and its threat to human exceptionalism. I quote James Hughes’ assertion from Citizen . . . . Continue Reading »

Killing Babies for Stem Cells?

The BBC has a very disturbing report that newborn infants may be being killed in the Ukraine to harvest their stem cells. This follows hard on the heels of another story that women in the Ukraine are paid $200 to get pregnant for purposes of aborting at 8 weeks gestation to harvest stem . . . . Continue Reading »

"The Human Difference"

Does it matter morally that a “being” is human? And what does it mean exactly, to be human? The jihad aside, these may be the most important questions facing us in the 21st Century. Which is why we spend so much time here at Secondhand Smoke discussing the question of human . . . . Continue Reading »