A "Genetic Bill of Rights"

A Genetic Bill of Rights—From Lori Andrews, a professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, who chaired the federal ethics advisory committee to the Human Genome Project. * You should have the right to refuse genetic testing and not to disclose genetic information, except in criminal cases in . . . . Continue Reading »

Again With the "Human Zoo Exhibits"

We have seen this before in the UK, and now in Australia: Humans exhibited in zoos as if we were merely another animal in the forest. But we are not mere animals. We are the exceptional species, human beings, unlike any other known species in the universe. We are moral beings, meaning that we have . . . . Continue Reading »

Paralyzed Stem Cell Activist Speaks Out

James Kelly, as regular readers of Secondhand Smoke know, is paralyzed from an auto accident and has become one of the nation’s foremost and dedicated activist promoting stem cell research: Adult stem cell research. Kelly has researched the matter quite thoroughly. As reported in this . . . . Continue Reading »

What a Crock!

The Alliance for Medical Research, which has loose affiliations with Baylor College of Medicine, put out a video, “Regenerative Medicine: Pathway to Cures,” which I demonstrated conclusively is thoroughly mendacious, propagandistic, and permeated with junk biology. Here is how the . . . . Continue Reading »