Eugenics Give and Take at THE CORNER

So, the discussion about eugenics, which we got into here yesterday, has continued at The Corner today, and I got into the mix. For those interested, and to avoid a lot of scrolling, here is how it generally went: Derbyshire: “Re Eugenics” and “More Eugenics.” Followed by . . . . Continue Reading »

Gary Francione Nails PETA and Peter Singer

Gary Francione is an animal rights absolutist who believes that there should be no domesticated animals and no human use of animals for any purpose. I disagree, obviously. But as I have written, he walks the talk: He seeks to lead by example by promoting a 100% vegan lifestyle and he forcefully . . . . Continue Reading »

Dolly’s Tenth Birthday

Dolly was born ten years ago (last July). Many think she was the first cloned mammal. Not true. She was the first mammal cloned with an adult cell. But that is neither here nor there. The point is that Dolly’s birth changed everything.The Scotsman reports about how a party is planned to . . . . Continue Reading »

Rationalizing Eugenics

Over at The Corner, there is some back and forth going on about the James Watson Esquire interview that I posted earlier today. John Derbyshire sniffs that the worry about eugenics is overblown, so long as it isn’t state imposed: “If you don’t like eugenics, you are not going to . . . . Continue Reading »

Give Me That New Transhumanist Religion

Transhumanism is, in my view, a branch of scientism, that is, a quasi religion that seeks to use science in ways for which the great method is not meant. Here’s a little proof. A transhumanist named Giulio Prisco is optimistic about the future of the great post human movement. And he describes . . . . Continue Reading »