Amendment 2: Under 50% in Private Poll

Robert Novak, the syndicated columnist, is also one of the best political reporters around. He is conservative, but calls them as he sees them. (For example, he predicts that the Republicans will lose their majority in the House of Representatives.) Novak’s current column sees trouble ahead . . . . Continue Reading »

Thomas Sowell on Media Bias

Thomas Sowell makes several good points about media bias in this NRO column. His assertions, at least as to the issues we deal with here at Secondhand Smoke, are very well taken. I have concluded that media are like a high school clique. They often seem to decide the story first and then fit the . . . . Continue Reading »

How Not to Run a Nationalized Health System

Charges are being leveled at the NHS in the UK for failing to properly care for men with prostate cancer. The issues are money, access to the proper multi-disciplinary health team, and who should pay for treatments. I raise this issue because it is the kind of thing that will happen if we hearken to . . . . Continue Reading »

PETA Kitten Killers to Go on Trial

The trial against Andrew Benjamin Cook and Adria Joy Hinkle People, both PETA employees, for killing dogs and cats they picked up at local animal shelters before dumping the bodies into trash dumpsters, will begin on November 13. I think this is an important case because it will show that PETA . . . . Continue Reading »