Ellen Goodman’s 1980 IVF Predictions

The discussion about selecting embryos to have a disability reminded me of a column I have in my files written by the syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman in January 1980. It is a good reminder of how if we are willing to look, we can see the slippery slope literally slip-sliding away.In “Making . . . . Continue Reading »

Confused Thinking?

I don’t get it. Rick Weiss of the Washington Post has written that people remain wary of eating genetically altered food. Many want nothing to do with meat or milk from cloned animals. Yet, majorities of people would willingly have cells created from embryonic stem cells taken from other human . . . . Continue Reading »

The Bioethics Year in Review

The Center for Bioethics and Culture asked me to do a “year in review” kind of column. Space didn’t permit the piece to be all-inclusive. But I do mention the (from my perspective) primary high and low points of the year that will soon pass into history. Check it . . . . Continue Reading »

The Way the Cloning Wind is Blowing

Australia has voted to end its former complete ban on human cloning. What is interesting is that this change wasn’t made because of new breakthroughs in the science. There haven’t been any—except with adult and umbilical cord blood stem cells. Rather, it was founded on pure hype, . . . . Continue Reading »

Feed Me 2: "Fool’s Gold Rush"

I am glad to see that I am not the only one noticing the ludicrousness of every government entity this side of the dog catcher tripping over themselves to throw money at Big Biotech. Business Investors Daily has an excellent editorial out about the same subject in general, and Proposition 71 in . . . . Continue Reading »

The Flip Side of Transhumanism

The social forces set in motion by those who believe it is proper to manipulate the genetic traits of our children, are becoming increasingly apparent. Now, as reported in a column by Dr. Darshak M. Sanghavi in the New York Times, some people with disabilities are pre-selecting their offspring to . . . . Continue Reading »

Feed Me!

Remember the play Little Shop of Horrors and the alien plant keeps demanding, “Feed me!” This is now the mantra of Big Biotech. In country after country, state after state,and locality after locality, lobbyists for the biotech industry, their research allies/business partners at . . . . Continue Reading »