PETA Kitten Killers to Go on Trial

The trial against Andrew Benjamin Cook and Adria Joy Hinkle People, both PETA employees, for killing dogs and cats they picked up at local animal shelters before dumping the bodies into trash dumpsters, will begin on November 13. I think this is an important case because it will show that PETA . . . . Continue Reading »

Big Biotech’s Pitch for Corporate Welfare

Big Biotech BreakfastThere is more truth to this anti Amendment 2 commercial than its supporters would care to admit. Private investers are generally shunning cloning and ESCR. That is why Big Biotech and its business and ideological fellow travelers at major universities demand a blank check in . . . . Continue Reading »

Breaking Through The Stem Cell News Blockade

I got up early this morning, checked the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, and other papers to see whether they had reported the big news that scientists had created a primordial artificial liver using umbilical cord blood stem cells. As expected, nothing: The news blockade was in place. After . . . . Continue Reading »

More WJS Radio On Amendment 2

I did a one hour interview about Amendment 2 today to 99.3 FM, in Columbia, MO. We discuss the Michael J. Fox deception, the fact that Mr. Jim Stowers is trying to buy his own constitutional amendment in MO, the deception of Amendment 2, the junk biology shoveled by the initiative’s . . . . Continue Reading »