Arizona to Have Assisted Suicide Bill

This was expected: Arizona legislators will introduce an assisted suicide legalization bill. Typically, the media report states that the opponents will be Christians and Catholics. That’s just the tip of the ice berg with disability rights and civil rights organizations also opposing, along . . . . Continue Reading »

"Feed me!" Part 3

The quest for the blank check to conduct human embryonic stem cell research continues apace, as states trip over each other to throw money at Big Biotech and its business partners in universities. Now, it’s New York, where the new governor wants the state’s taxpayers to shoulder a $2 . . . . Continue Reading »

Embryos as Inventory

The inestimable Will Saletan explores “the embryo factory” in Slate and, as is his wont, hits the nail on the head. He is writing about the Abraham Center of Life, which I commented about here at Secondhand Smoke last year. He writes that Jennalee Ryan, the entrepreneurial owner of the . . . . Continue Reading »

How Do We Judge Medical Harm?

Doctors are planning to perform the first uterus transplant in a woman desiring the surgery so she can have a baby, not to save her life. This strikes me as moving onto dangerous ground where doctors reduce themselves from professionals into technicians. Medical professionals have responsibilities, . . . . Continue Reading »

Terms Every "Intellectual" Should Know

George Dvorsky, the radical transhumanist—well, now there’s a redundant phrase—has come up with a long list of terms of which “intellectuals” should be aware. These include:”Cosmological Eschatology (aka physical eschatology): CE is the study of how the Universe . . . . Continue Reading »

China: The Consequence of Sex Selection

Thanks to China’s one child policy, mixed with what I consider to be a eugenics mindset that sees boys as more valuable than girls—certainly based in part on cultural issues and the perceived need of parents to be cared for in old age—there will soon be 30 million more men of . . . . Continue Reading »