A Great Marketing Idea

Bogo Wines is promoting both its wines and ethical stem cell research. I have had the wines, and they are very nice—and reasonably priced. And, of course, I like the message about stem cell research, too. Thanks, . . . . Continue Reading »

Secondhand Smoke Poll Results

For those who haven’t checked, here is the current status of the poll I fashioned to see how y’all read the tea leaves. The question posed was this: “In the next twenty years, what is the most likely scenario?” I gave five possible answers to choose from. Here is how you see . . . . Continue Reading »

An Example of True Humanity

This story is amazing: A Taiwanese couple has cared for their unconscious daughter for 53 years. In today’s mainstream bioethical view, this is a “burden” that should not have to be countenanced. I say it is as profound an act of unconditional love as I have ever heard of. This . . . . Continue Reading »

Fox Took "Too Much Medication?"

I just heard a sound bite of Michael J. Fox saying that the extent of his symptoms in the ads wasn’t caused by going off his medication, but from “taking too much medication.” If true, and if he did it on purpose, he did intend to deceive. Taking too much medication to exaggerate . . . . Continue Reading »