Umbilical Cord Blood Make Pancreas Cells

So, the deconstruction of ES cells as the “only hope” for “cures” continues apace. Now, South Korean researchers have been able to grow pancreatic beta cells from stem cells taken from the umbilical cord blood. And, the cells made from umbilical cord blood stem cells secrete . . . . Continue Reading »

People Want to Live

This study is unsurprising to me: A survey of colo-rectal cancer patients finds that they are more willing to take chemotherapy, even with a small potential for extending life at the cost of significant adverse side effects, than doctors thought would be the case. But when it is your life, you want . . . . Continue Reading »

Fumento Takes Down the NYT

I have been traveling and neglecting my duties at Secondhand Smoke. Whilst gone, readers alerted me to the pathetic excuse given by the New York Times for not reporting the amniotic fluid stem cell breakthrough. Its reporter, Nicolas Wade, claimed he didn’t report it because the study was . . . . Continue Reading »

PETA Nudity

PETA, two of whose employees are now on trial for felony cruelty to animals, may be trying to divert attention from its own animal killing through the medium of a pretty woman stripping to reveal full frontal nudity. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to “in your face.” The song . . . . Continue Reading »

The UN Protects People with Disabilities

“Can anything good come out of the United Nations,” I ask in the lede of my piece in the current Weekly Standard discussing that new UN treaty, which if followed—always a big if in these kind of things—would substantially protect the rights of people with disabilities. The . . . . Continue Reading »

"A Middle Ground for Stem Cells"

My friend Yuval Levin has a piece today in, of all places, the New York Times about President Bush’s ESC funding policy and its moral import. Here are a few key quotes:“At its heart, then, when the biology and politics have been stipulated away, the stem cell debate is not about when . . . . Continue Reading »

Beware of Adult Stem Cell Quackery

This story demonstrates the dangers that are out there in stem cell land for the unwary. A Las Vegas doctor has been treating people with serious illnesses, such as MS, with stem cells from placenta and other non embrynic sources. These have great potential for future therapies. But, such treatments . . . . Continue Reading »