Rationalizing Eugenics

Over at The Corner, there is some back and forth going on about the James Watson Esquire interview that I posted earlier today. John Derbyshire sniffs that the worry about eugenics is overblown, so long as it isn’t state imposed: “If you don’t like eugenics, you are not going to . . . . Continue Reading »

Give Me That New Transhumanist Religion

Transhumanism is, in my view, a branch of scientism, that is, a quasi religion that seeks to use science in ways for which the great method is not meant. Here’s a little proof. A transhumanist named Giulio Prisco is optimistic about the future of the great post human movement. And he describes . . . . Continue Reading »

Science Can End Racism. Really?

Some scientists and adherents of scientism keep trying to put more on the shoulders of science than the discipline is capable managing. Now, apparently, some among the elites of science predict that it will somehow do away with racism and sexism by eradicating the emotion of disgust.Good luck with . . . . Continue Reading »

Happy New Year!

I am not a believer in New Year’s Resolutions. It seems to me that if something is worth doing, it should just be done: No announcements necessary. And indeed, if we don’t have the will power, ability, or luck to accomplish the goal, having made a formal resolution won’t have made . . . . Continue Reading »

AP Gets It Wrong. Again

You would think that the MSM could at least get the simple facts about euthanasia correct. But no. In this AP piece, the wire service purports to summarize euthanasia laws around the world. And, true to type, it is mostly rubbish:“NETHERLANDS—Euthanasia was legalized in 2001, but the . . . . Continue Reading »