Is There Prayer on Mars?

Mars, the Red Planet, has stoked the imagination of stargazers for a long, long time. Could life exist on our planetary neighbor? Most recently, NASA announced that it appears that liquid water, at least occasionally, flows there. A manned landing is certainly within the realm of possibility. . . . . Continue Reading »

Rites and Rights, in Two Churches

When directly asked by Mormon friends and family members (yep, I’ve got LDS folks in my family), I have been privately critical of the LDS church’s support of the Utah legislature’s “compromise” on “discrimination” and religious freedom last spring. I think the church, from a position . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 11.06.15

AA Envy
Helen Andrews, Hedgehog Review

The Just War in Greek Tragedy: Euripides' Suppliants
Robert J. Delahunty, Center for Law and Religion Forum

The State Department Turns Its Back on Syrian Christians and Other Non-Muslim Refugees
Nina Shea, National Review

Watching Liberalism Flail
Nathan J. Robinson, Navel Observatory

The Gift of Singleness
Nick Roen, Spiritual Friendship

The Tangled Cultural Roots of Dungeons and Dragons
Jon Michaud, New Yorker

The Concern of a Canine
Sean Curnyn, Cinch Review

What We've Been Reading—11.6.15

Mark Bauerlein I am half-way through Anna Karenina. Everyone knows the basics of the story, but I've never read it before. It was a favorite of F. R. Leavis and Lionel Trilling, who drew large implications about humanity and the novel from it.  But for me at this point, at the end of an . . . . Continue Reading »