Trump Is a Fool

Donald Trump is a fool—not because he is wrong about so many things, but because he is right about a few others. The fool is not only one who speaks nonsense, but one who speaks sense on the topic no one else will touch. He is the court jester pointing out the king’s failings. Were any sane man . . . . Continue Reading »

How To Celebrate Easter

Like Patrick Leigh Fermor did: with red eggs and firearms, alongside one's comrades. From Abducting a General, Fermor's account of his anti-Nazi resistance work in Crete:I got back to the hideout at last on April 16th, which was Orthodox Easter Sunday, the greatest feast of the Greek year . . . . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 4.1.16

Risen and Not Undead (or, Why Jesus is Not a Zombie)
Rebecca Bratten Weiss, Patheos

Monks And At-Risk Teens Run School Together With 98% Graduation Rate
Sarah Grossman, Huffington Post

I'm A Christian and I Hate Christian Movies
Alissa Wilkinson, Thrillist

Will a Silent Majority Overthrow Architecture's Elite?
David Brussat, American Conservative

The Return of Eugenics
Fraser Nelson, Spectator

The Law of Benedict
Samuel Gregg, Public Discourse

Superman and the Damage Done
Devin Faraci, Birth.Movies.Death

Chivalry and the Millenial Guy
Cerith Gardiner, Aleteia

Titles We Didn't Choose — April 2016

Have you had a chance to look at the April 2016 edition of First Things on our website yet? Like last month, I am offering up some behind-the-scenes bonus content here in the form of also-ran titles: headings for pieces that were suggested at our titles meeting but nixed for being too punny, too . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 3.25.16

Winter's Tale: The Icy Pang of Contrition and the Gift of Thawing Grace
Alexi Sargeant, Aleteia

‘This doubtful day of feast or fast': Good Friday and the Annunciation
Clerk of Oxford, A Clerk of Oxford

Building the Virtuous Neighborhood
Matthew Loftus, American Conservative

Why I'm Becoming a Catholic at Easter
K. Albert Little, Patheos

How Hieronymus Bosch Defied the Ideals of an Age
Michael Prodger, New Statesman

Personal Love and the Call to Chastity
Samantha Schroeder, Public Discourse

God's Hidden Call
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi Sacks

Alas, Poor William Shakespeare. Where Does His Skull Rest?
Christopher D. Shea, New York Times

Davenant House, Christian Community, and the Work of Study Centers
Jake Meador, Mere Orthodoxy

What We've Been Reading—3.25.16

Mark BauerleinLife Magazine, September 6, 1948—It was on the coffee table at a friend's house, and I have just spent the last hour poring over it. There is Joe DiMaggio under the lights slamming a double to beat the Athletics. A few pages later there's an editorial entitled “How Red a . . . . Continue Reading »

Exposure Therapy and the Way of the Cross

This Holy Week, I am feeling the need to participate in some Catholic extremism.Now of course, we live in a time when religious extremism is a major threat to the world. That’s why I find it all the more distressing that so may Americans have a warped view of what constitutes extremism. The Barna . . . . Continue Reading »