Happy New Year

Happy new year and here is why we have had ever happier new years in the lifetimes of anyone alive today.  Regardless of the politics of nations, or the decline of social standards, or anything . . . . Continue Reading »


I can’t help but notice it here, notice it there, notice it everywhere.  A few days ago, I read Steve Hayward, on Powerline , asking, ” So When Can We Expect Obama’s Malaise . . . . Continue Reading »

A Pause To Reflect

Good for President Obama for seeking congressional authorization for a strike on Syria. Among other things, it will give the administration more time to come up with a coherent strategy that has a . . . . Continue Reading »

On Syria

I think Ramesh Ponnuru has it right.   Maybe the Obama administration has a plan to use military force in a decisive way, but they haven’t made the case for a large and sustained military . . . . Continue Reading »