Upscale Welfare

Two recent pieces highlight neglected dimensions of corporate and upscale welfare, already wealthy people making large amounts of money from the tax dollars of ordinary people.At Slate , Krissy . . . . Continue Reading »


Ana Ruiz gives a detailed summary of the variety of sevens in ancient Egyptian religion and culture (The Spirit of Ancient Egypt ).There were seven major deities, seven astral powers, seven planets, . . . . Continue Reading »

Amen, Amen

John records Jesus saying “Amen, Amen” some twenty-five times. It’s typically understood as an oath formula, a “double witness” that stresses the truth of what Jesus . . . . Continue Reading »

Why Asia Minor?

Why are the seven letters of Revelation addressed to churches in Asia Minor? Asia Minor isn’t a focus of interest at all in the Old Testament, though much of Paul’s ministry is carried out . . . . Continue Reading »