Seamus Heaney, the great Irish poet of mud and muck, is dead. No better tribute than to cite a few of his many haunting lines, these from his poem “Anahorish”: My ‘place of clear . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Kosovo

Intervention in Syria is being compared to Clinton’s intervention in Kosovo. Robert Kaplan doesn’t think the analogy works, and suggests that Obama’s challenge is far more dangerous . . . . Continue Reading »

Once again

At the Guardian , Seumas Milne argues that the race to intervene in Syria is depressingly familiar: “As in Iraq and Sudan (where President Clinton ordered an attack on a pharmaceuticals factory . . . . Continue Reading »

Who makes war?

At the NYRB , David Cole observes: “While Obama sends his representatives around the world to obtain backing and gain more legitimacy for a US-led military response, he has not sought the . . . . Continue Reading »