Newly installed as chairman of US International Freedom Commission, Robert George laments the decline of Christianity in Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Middle East . He urges the US to make the projection of Christians a high priority:

“In Egypt, I think we need to put pressure on the military government to protect the Coptic Christians, and to make the protection of the Coptic Christians a high priority. We need to make it clear that where attacks on Christians are done with impunity, and where the government just looks aside or doesn’t treat the issue as serious enough to protect the victims, there will be consequences in our relations with the military rulers in Egypt.

“I think we also need to make it clear to the Muslim Brotherhood and other factions in Egypt that if they again rise to power in Egypt, we will not forget their behavior toward Christians and other oppressed minorities during this period. If they aspire to any kind of decent relationship with the United States, they must cease and desist, and their leadership needs to play a role in preventing these attacks by their supporters on the Copts and on others. I think that’s what we can do right now.”