Can there be a Creator-creature distinction without the Trinity? It would seem not. For a unitarian theology “distance” is introduced only with the world; for a unitarian god to be at a . . . . Continue Reading »

Cusa on Beauty

OK, I can’t stop writing down remarks from Hart, so here’s another: “Nicolas of Cusa remarks that eternal wisdom is tasted in everything savored, eternal pleasure felt in all things . . . . Continue Reading »

David Hart

Here are some more excerpts from David Bentley Hart’s remarkable Beauty of the Infinite . “The Bible . . . depicts creation at once as a kind of deliberative invention (‘Let us make . . . . Continue Reading »

David and Esau

Mark Biddle of the Baptist Theological Seminary in Richmond examines some of the intertextual connections between 1 Sam 25 and the Jacob narratives in Genesis ( JBL 121/4 [2002]). He discovers . . . . Continue Reading »