Another student, Peter Rae, came up with a chiastic outline of 1 Peter: A. Greeting, 1:1-2 B. Rejoicing in trial, 1:3-25 C. Abstain from flesh, 2:1-12 D. Submit to those in authority, 2:13-3:17 . . . . Continue Reading »

Labor pains

As Beale points out, in Rev 12 John uses a technique of temporal telescoping. Jesus’ entire career is summarized as incarnation and exaltation. It is reasonable, then, to suggest, as Beale . . . . Continue Reading »

It was good

“Good” is God’s original evaluation of creation (Gen 1), and it will be the last (Rom 8:28). “Good” is the first and the last word. Goodness is the alpha and omega of . . . . Continue Reading »