Blood and life

In his recent Concordia commentary on Leviticus, John Kleinig gives a good summary of what I think is the best explanation of the blood prohibtiion of Lev 17: “many animists regard blood as the . . . . Continue Reading »

Father of Joy

The following thoughts came largely from a PCA minister from Virginia with whom I enjoyed a recent, stimulating conversation. The Triune fellowship is a fellowship of eternal infinite joy. The Father . . . . Continue Reading »


Keanu Reeves seems incapable of playing anything but a Christ figure (remember his supersonic ascension at the end of Matrix 1). In the recent horror film, Constantine , he plays John Constantine . . . . Continue Reading »

Staying put

Elijah goes to Gilgal, and Elijah tells him to stay. Elisha refuses, and together they move on to Bethel. Elijah tells Elisha to stay put again, but again he refuses and the move on to Jericho. When . . . . Continue Reading »