Foodie Jesus

Jesus came eating and drinking. We rarely stop to ask, What did He eat and drink? How was it prepared? Douglas Neel and Joel Pugh, the first an Episcopal priest and the second a retired CPA, both . . . . Continue Reading »

Jesus and Titus

Mike Bull points to a report on the maverick Bible scholar, Joseph Atwill , who claims that Roman aristocrats invented Jesus to compete with Jewish zealotry and wrote the gospels. One of his crowning . . . . Continue Reading »

End of Exile

NT Wright has sparked controversy for saying that Jesus announces the kingdom as the end of exile. It’s hardly a new thought. In his discussion of the “particular and general” in . . . . Continue Reading »

Power of Four

There are four fourfold keys to understanding the gospels, argues Eduardo Olaguer, Jr., in The Power of Four: Keys to the Hidden Treasures of the Gospels : the faces of the cherubim, four groups of . . . . Continue Reading »