Paul and the Law

Jacob Taubes ( The Political Theology of Paul (Cultural Memory in the Present) ) notes that Paul’s teaching on law is directed not only to Pharisaical and Jewish opponents, but part of a dialog . . . . Continue Reading »

Displayed blood

Several times in his stimulating Contours of Pauline Theology , Tom Holland claims that Paul’s references to displayed blood must refer to sacrifice becuase “there is only one sacrifice . . . . Continue Reading »

Spirit and Law

Paul’s teaching concerning the relation of the Spirit to law is often understood this way: The law sets out God’s demands for His people; we can’t keep those demands; the Spirit . . . . Continue Reading »

Paul and John

Contrary to some trends of modern NT scholarship, Paul and John inhabit the very same world of thought, ask the same questions, address the same problems. One hint of this: John 8 focuses attention, . . . . Continue Reading »


Yoder ( Body Politics ) suggests that “flesh” in the New Testament can refer to “ethnicity.” Citing 2 Corinthians 5, he writes that “Paul is defending the missionary . . . . Continue Reading »

Nature in Paul

We instinctively distinguish nature and nurture, genes and training, and the Greeks did too with their distinction of physis and nomos . Paul’s use, though, doesn’t fit easily into this . . . . Continue Reading »