Stand as one

Isaiah 50:7-9 is structured chiastically. On either side of verse 8 are declarations that “Lord Yahweh will help me” (vv. 7, 9; the clause is identical in Hebrew). In verse 8 itself, we . . . . Continue Reading »


Another reflection on the debate between Douglas Wilson and Andrew Sullivan: The argument that homosexuality is “unnatural” is not going to get much steam going either. Sullivan waxed on . . . . Continue Reading »

No debts

Residing as we do in a monetary economy, we immediately and thoughtlessly translate biblical warnings and cautions about debt into financial terms. “Owe nothing to anyone” (Romans 13:8) . . . . Continue Reading »

Faith of Christ

For Paul, the world’s problem is the problem of wrath. God is holy and righteous, and His wrath is revealed from heaven against the ungodliness of men. Jews and Greeks both stand condemned . . . . Continue Reading »


We don’t offer animals on altars, but the Christian life is more sacrificial than the ancient Jews’, not less. For us, the world is a temple, our lives a continuous offering, our actions . . . . Continue Reading »

Civil powers

In a 2009 article responding to Richard Hays’s pacifist reading of the New Testament ( Studies in Christian Ethics ), Nigel Biggar argues that Hays’s Anabaptist reading of Romans 13 is . . . . Continue Reading »