Sabbath hands

Sabbath-keeping is about what you do with your hands. Hands are organs for action. We set our hands to tasks. We give or withhold our hands from helping. You keep Sabbath by opening your hands, . . . . Continue Reading »

Wine v. Wine

In the Song of Moses (Deuteronomy 32), Moses says that the vine of Israel grew from a cutting from Sodom’s vine, from the vineyard of Gomorrah. Such vines produce only bitter fruit or worse - . . . . Continue Reading »

Seeing God

Deuteronomy and Exodus contradict one another regarding the visibility of God, says Margaret Barker in Temple Mysticism (p. 2). Moses reminds the Israelites, “you heard the sound of words but . . . . Continue Reading »


As Moses gives his final instructions to Israel, he reminds them that he will not lead them into the land (Deuteronomy 31:1-3). Instead: a. Yahweh your God will cross ahead of you b. He will destroy . . . . Continue Reading »